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Earth Leather®.

Earth Leather

What is Earth Leather®?

At JJB we’re fun and funky. But we’re also smart and concerned, too. When we started on our earth-friendly quest, we needed a material that didn’t exist yet. We wanted something as supple and durable as leather, but without the impact on the environment that tanned animal hides have. We also wanted the material to be…wait for it…machine-washable! After hours of engineering and research, we got it! We’re darn proud of it. We love it. Earth Leather®. Found in our Legacy Collection because we feel that we’re leaving a legacy for the future!



  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Animal-free
  • Earth-friendly
  • Beautiful faux leather (fools even the best trained eye)
  • Antiqued all-metal hardware for ultimate durability
  • AgION (nature’s antimicrobial) lining to help fight germs

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What makes a Ju-Ju-Be bag so much fun?

The brand was founded after an exhaustive search showed that current competitive products always left moms searching for a better blend of features. Some had style, some had function. Very few had both, and even the most functional brands missed out on the latest innovations in textile technology. In smart style, Ju-Ju-Be assimilated the most advanced technology possible and created a product line unrivaled in the industry.